About Us

You type it and We will Handwrite it.

Here at Handwritten Solutions we have done something amazing and revolutionary. We have stepped back in the time, took something that is almost forgotten, but extremely valuable and brought it back with us in the future - The Handwriting, together will all the magic that comes with it.

Thanks to the latest cutting edge technologies where machine learning and artificial intelligence is involved, we have managed to achieve astonishing result, an original looking Handwritten Document where every word is unique and different from the rest. There are no two same words or letters that are identical.

This is how we guarantee that no fonts are used. This is what make us different from the others. We have put a lot of efforts, knowledge and expertise to make this happen, but we are very proud with the results.

We have it here and now available for you. Whether you own a business and you need leads and sales, or you are marketing agent looking for handwritten direct mail marketing campaign or just ordinary person who need invitations for some special event, you can use our Handwriting services so you can focus on your part, writing that appealing content that will do the trick for you.

Our Team

Nick Wouters

Aleksandar Ilioski

Senior c# Developer

Nick Wouters

Nick Wouters

Freelance Sales Manager

Nick Wouters

Mario Ilieski

Lead Designer