Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We have developed highly sophisticated software that can generate natural-looking and original handwritten documents where every word is unique and different from the rest. There are no two same words or letters that are identical.

What is it that the app generates?

It can generate a HQ high resolution PNG format images that you can later print on various paper sizes such as A4, letter size, envelope, cards, etc.

What is the procedure?

First thing you need to do is send us the content of the letter and the address list you have and we will generate the needed files. After that we will send them to you so you can print them on your home printer or by using some of the local printing services.

What do I need to do to get access to the app?

With a simple sign up on our website or a like/follow on our social networks you will get a passphrase which you can use to try out demo version of the app. For more serious customers that need a full version we recommend checking out our Prices.

Can the images be printed on envelopes?

The images can be printed on any kind of paper. It could be from regular printing paper, yellow letters, thank you cards to envelopes. Any paper color, any paper size. For more details please check some samples here.

Can I print on sticky notes?

Yes you can. You just stick the notes on a sheet of paper and feed them through the printer. Of course, like everything, it can be a little tricky, which is why you need a special template for the alignment to be fine. We have created two templates available for you. One is A4 size and other for Letter size.

What kind of printer can I use?

You can use any kind of printer, special printers are not needed. Your home, ink-jet color printer is just fine. But note that the quality of the printer may seriously affect the quality of the print itself.

Do I need special printer that prints on envelopes?

No, almost every printer nowadays can print directly on envelopes. If you need more details on this you should read your Printer’s Manual.

What kind of text style do you offer?

Currently we have one cursive and one script style of handwriting that can use regular and bold-like characters. You can also change the color of the entire or/and partially selected text. More styles will be available soon.

What about italic and underline?

It is very important to understand that we are not using any kind of fonts, so we can’t offer you italic and underline. But we will soon have another handwriting style available that is somehow skewed so we may help you with your needs about the italic part.

What ink colors are available and how to find the perfect color for me?

We currently have 10 suggested colors that you may like the best. Going from Blue variations, to Red, Green, Black and even a Pencil like color. But you can pick any color from RGB spectrum. You can find yourself a color by clicking on this link and send us the color code, (ex: #FF0000 for Red color) or you may choose from the set of our carefully selected colors that looks good on paper.

Do you provide full service with printing and mailing?

Unfortunately, no. Those last two steps are not part of our services and should be performed by you or your assistant.